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We have Toy Fox Terrier puppies for sale, please contact us if you would like to own one of these little  precious bundles of love.
                       BJ & Barb's Rescue Page

BJ & Barb do rescue work and are very proud of it.  They have placed quite a few dogs now and want to tell everyone about the ones they have found homes for, the ones they need a rescue home for.

BJ & Barb have a rescue TFT available at this time.

Please consider offering rescue homes for the little precious ones.

If anyone would be interested,
please call Barb at
850-944-0936 or 850-375-2108

Tanner O'Toole   is 5 years old, Champion Sired and is good with children.

He weighs 12 pounds so is a bit oversize, but will make a delightful pet for someone who decides he should be theirs.

     (Click on images above for a larger view)

If anyone would be interested,
please call Barb at 850-944-0936 or 850-941-4548. 


Below are some of our successfully placed rescues!

Dance, a young TFT female has found the perfect, forever home.


Dance is housetrained, likes to sleep in bed with you, plays very well with other dogs and loves to be loved... especially by men!!! 

Tina, a 12 year old TFT whose owner died of cancer and she had no place to go.


Rachael and Awtrein Thorn  found her a home with Awtrein's Grandmother.

Tina at the time, was a 10 year old Toy Fox Terrier with a wonderful temperament. 


Monty, the Min-Pin is a 14 year old male in wonderful health except that he is a little hard of hearing. He is housetrained and a very nice, gentle dog that would be a great pal for someone older. He has never been around children, but does have a nice personality and good temperament. I expect that he will live 4 more years at least.

Chloe, a happy and exuberant TFT female who has a long, uncut tail that tickled my arm every time I picked her up because she wagged it so fast!!!


Chloe needed a home because her owners had to go to war for us.

, Here is a good picture of our rescue TFT, Tarrah, watching over and playing with Oreo's last Einstein puppies whelped in late April 2008.

Tarrah, a 7 year old TFT whose owner died. Tarrah had never lived in a home. She was a kennel dog and was so delighted to become a personal pet that she thanked us every day in her every action.

She learned to sleep in bed with us and really is a great pal to the older couple who have adopted her. 

Nubbin's, a beautiful white and tan male TFT.
(Unfortunately, we don't have a picture of him.)
We would like to encourage people to rescue these wonderful dogs?
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